Bikini Body Guide is a fitness guide written by Kayla Itsines. This Australian fitness guru burst onto the scene with the guide and has now become a name that so many women know and trust. The guide offers a no nonsense approach to improving our life, losing weight, and looking great. Rather than offer fad techniques and pills, this guide is the real deal and provides the life changing information that you really want and need.

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Kayla’s app is also now available for the iPhone and serves as a companion to the guide. If you own the BBG, do you need the app? If you’re without either tool, which is best? You can try this honest review to learn more about the Sweat With Kayla app and the Bikini Body Guide so you have firsthand information to use to your advantage to decide. At the end of the day you are the only person who can decide which is best but with the information that you find from the review, it makes things much easier.

Of course you should also keep in mind that the best product or the answers to those questions can vary from one product to the next. If you aren’t someone that uses their phone regularly or who is not always on the goal, do you really need an app? Is there really information added to the app or is it just a repeat of what you see in the guide? These questions are important to answer before investing any money into either of the products.

What we do know is that Kayla Itsines is the person to turn to when it is a healthier life that you want. So far thousands of women are living proof of the results that come when using the BBG the right way. She can help you get a flat stomach in just 12-weeks of time like she has so many other women and change your life for the better. Read the reviews, learn the truth, and make your moves for a better you!