If you have been told by doctors that you have a sensitivity to gluten, then you may be worried about the foods and drinks that you can consume. Most people can understand when they have to stop eating specific foods when they are gluten intolerant. But you may be confused about what this means for the alcoholic beverages that you can consume. We are here to tell you that you do have quite a few gluten free alcohol options. Being told that you have celiac disease does not mean that you have to give up alcohol.

All it means is that you have to change up the types of drinks that you are willing to drink. The first thing that you must know is that many beers are not gluten free. That is because beer has gluten in it by nature. There will be some beers that you can still drink, but you will have to be very specific about those beers. For instance, certain pale ales do not have gluten in them. But it is only beers by specific brands. Unless you can find a bar that has 50+ beers on tap, you may have to specially buy gluten-free beer from local stores to drink at home!

If you are not that crazy about beer, you are in a much better position. You have many gluten free alcohol options that you can enjoy. That is because alcoholic beverages such as rum, tequila, vodka, brandy, Jack Daniel’s, Malibu rum and bourbon do not have any gluten in them. That is great news if you enjoy having a few drinks each week, but you have a gluten sensitivity! And we also believe that you will be better for switching to clear spirits, as you will be consuming fewer total calories.

What we would suggest is that you pair your favorite liquor with some low calorie drinks so that you can make low calorie mixed drinks. For instance, you can find plenty of sparkling water and club soda options in super markets. No calorie soda will also work fine, if you are okay with artificial sweeteners. Otherwise, you may be drinking them plain or with ice!

In terms of special drinks such as margaritas, you will have to ensure that all the ingredients that are being put into your drink are gluten free. Most of the time they will be gluten free, but it is still a good thing to check.